Website Inspiration
Nerucom was a large inspiration! I saw his characters and i thought they were SO NEAT, and i drew some inspiration from that in how i now have site characters! I seriously recommend checking his page out! :D
Lulu is another person i got inspired from! Its was more using my art on my page then actually being like "oo u have this, i want it", but their page is bright and really creative! makes me inspired whenever i see it!
Benny's website is SO FREAKING COOL! i think its so funky- I would love to achieve that level of silly goofy funkiness but sadly i have found that i do not either have the art skills OR the coding skills to be that great. Im trying though! i swear!

Actual links!
Sadgrl has layouts and a layout maker!
Betty's Graphis has a buncha stuff
Bonbell's graphics is where most of my graphics are from!
blinkie hoard!
button collection for all yall
Web badges Wolrd has SO MANY BADGES-
Bumper stickers for yall's silly goofy websites