Loki F/O

Spoilers for the show are very much here!!

I know theres a seperate page for self inserts, but i thought i might as well make this page all about my self insert AND loki and our past! It'd be kinda fun, dont ya think?

thats all rlly

My Self insert

Name: Samuel (insert my full name lol)

A god, destined to be born in a star and stay there until he dies and falls to earth. That was the god's path on the sacred timeline. To give the people of the earth the thought, the idea, that he was a fallen angel and encourage christianity when truely was a god himself. That was my nexus. When i fell to earth, i was alive. I breathed. I was taken before my discovery, and made into one of the workers at the TVA. I was suppose to be nameless, but i was given the name of Samuel and wiped of any memories i had and made to work at the tva like everyone else did.

Me and mobius became close through the infinite time we lived. I was always curious to what life would be like on the timeline, but i never acted on it. I was hopeful. Instead, i made friends and i tried to make the best of our infinite working. Pruning varients started to not make me feel bad anymore, and i was okay. Of course, thats when the Loki Variant came around. They started killing our minute men, and i was very happy to be an analyst like Mobius instead of the minute men. We worked together, and eventually, a loki variant came in and Mobius made him stay for our investigation. I was a little annoyed, but he made me interrigate him and it went.. alright. Until B-15 made me talk to her along with mobius (which, i would say, is annoying and unnecessary), and then loki ended up running off!! Eventually, he came onto our team, but me and mobius ended up getting closer and closer to him. I uh, embarrassingly enough, started developing a crush on the Variant. Funny, i know. Regardless, we went through shit together. Loki broke our trust, then revealed the secrets of the TVA. Course, i believed him quicker then Mobius did, but after some convincing and talking we both realized that the TVA was probably lying to us.

I did alot of shit for Loki, and i ended up going back the TVA with Mobius regardless of my anxiety. God, i was so scared. I was pacing about and shit- i think thats when Mobius realized how much i liked Loki and kinda comforted me. Though, later when loki went missing basically, he confronted me and told me because honestly, in my time at the tva, i always had this feeling of always being in denial because work place relationship shit, and mobius was always the one to pull me out of that loop

I did alot for loki. When he had.. told us, that he knew what god he needed to be.. i thought that was the last time i would ever see him. He let us have the multiverse. He let it branch. I was.. i felt bad that he was alone. But.. i had to move on, didnt i? I went down to the timeline, with sylvie, and she let me have my memories. She and i.. we didnt have anywhere to go really. I stayed near her for a while, and mobius was there too, but i was.. a bit sad.

Then, loki was there. He.. he was ACTUALLY THERE. He could project himself down onto the timeline, with me. Even if he could do any magic anymore, he had been practicing and.. he was able to be on the timeline now. I was so relieved- i immediately asked if he'd like to go out for coffee, and he was like "its a date" and i was like IKFBAHYF mobius saw my paniking honestly- he gave me a thumbs up to encourage me LMAOGK-

We dated for a long time, and November 22nd.. i got the courage to ask him to marry me. Well, we both did. Aparently i wasnt special, because he ALSO wanted to propose. Gay whore /j. Anyways, i said it first so i claim it (loki disagrees)! We got married on December 1st, and my GOd the wedding was so awesome! We've been together ever since, and we have 2 kids!

Now, to the stuff thats more self indulgent lore that ik nobody else will read but its mainly for me. if u do read.. ily /p and if anyone makes any fan work.. here is all my money /j.


Kade is our youngest- his age would be about 5 in human years. He's a little trouble nut, but Amar seems to keep him in check. His appearance leans into loki's resembelance, his hair has curls and his eyes are a lovely shade of green, but his dark hair leans towards warm colors and he has chubby cheeks. He's chaos- he tumbles and does little pranks and loves being annoying sometimes- However we're trying to tame that back. He loves moving, and is annoyed when he isnt allowed to climb the trees like his sister does. Kade instead loves splashing in the creeks and playing with the animals- and even adores the chores alot of the time! Though, he did have a time where he would throw tantrums when we had to do chores, but learning he could come out and play in the mud (as long as he takes a bath), he's began to enjoy it. Suprisingly, he likes keeping his room tidy.


Amar is 8 in human years, and she reminds me more of loki in her personality despite her appearance. Her hair is flaming red- she had a genetic mutation that enabled her flaming hair and we adore it. Her eyes are brown, which is REALLy suprising but they resemble mine. She's lean like loki was when he was young, and adores reading and scaling the trees and riding the horses. She adores nature, and im pretty sure she gets that from me. She's curious and knowledged, and while kade is a more wild energy, hers is focused. She dives herself into large projects and loves helping out with the more tedious chores, especially training animals or lifting objects and building things. She likes taking the harder options, because she finds it forfilling when she finishes. Or atleast, thats what it seems. With her throwing herself into her interests, her room seems to always be a clutter of ideas and interests she has been drawn to.

Aunt Sylvie

Sylvie is suprisingly a large part of the family. While she is often doing her own thing on the timeline, she will pop in and mess around with the kids. She isnt use to being around children, so these things mean alot to her

Mr. Mobius

Mobius is around alot less. He's trying to figure out his own life, make the best of it. The tva messed up his aging process, so he ages like hes an asgaurdian, so he stays around and enjoys our family- knowing its probably gonna be one of the few that lasts as long at him.


the little things of our relationship- and him LMAO

  • We live on a farm in oregon. We're both gods, so we know we'll live too long for people not to notice we wont age. So, we decided to work on a farm for our money. Our farm thrives, and we dont really need to interact with anyone but we make quite a bit of money!
  • We have a library, loki collects most of the books but i have a section for me.
  • i have a pinterest board for this!! lmao
  • We have two kids- One boy(Kade), and one girl(Amaryllis)!The girl is older, shes like, 8, and the boy is 5. but because they came from
  • Loki homeschools the kids mainly.
  • We love having family movie night
  • Loki is a dork, he tells stupid dramatic stories about how cool he is to the kids. He also sings asgaurdian songs to the kids when they want a bedtime song.
  • kade: I just heard amar call the dog a "fucking liar" because he barked like someone was at the door and no one was there.
  • amar: Met a dumbass today. Awful.
    kade: You looked in a mirror?
    amar: Someday you will have to answer for your actions and god may not be so merciful.
  • amar cusses. just because its funny.
  • our house isnt the biggest, so when we had Kade, he and Amar had to share a room for a while. When she got older though, she really wanted her own space, and ended up making her space in the attic. We fixed it up for her birthday one year, so she could have it for herself- the only rule is that she has to have the ladder down all the time so we know she's okay.
  • We currently are in 1982, we both enjoy it because the lack of, well, social media we're exposed to. We rarely even get news papers!

incorrect quotes

    loki and i

    sam: WHY?!

    loki: I still have no idea how i am attracted to you...
    sam: Yeah, well, youre stuck with me, and no take backs, honey.

    loki: Do you want to explain the text you sent me last night?
    sam: It was autocorrect.
    loki: Autocorrect wrote "You're so hot. Please step on me."?
    sam: Yes.

    sam: The first time I saw you, you stole my heart.
    loki: But I'm a kleptomaniac, so that doesn't mean anything.

    sam: I truly go into housewife mode when I'm someone's soulmate- like, I'll make you pancakes and bacon every morning.
    loki: This is a lie.
    loki: I'm literally married to them. This is a lie.

    sam: We r getting married, bitches!
    loki: And we r about to make it everybody else's problem.

    sam: Come to dinner tonight. I cant cook, but ill bring plenty of free wine.
    loki: Marry me.

    the anti-tva gang

    loki: You can track sylvie?
    sam: Of course I can. If the NSA can do it, so can I.

    mobius: It's locked. You got a lock pick?
    sam: Yeah-
    loki: *kicks in the door*

    loki: I am the left brain, I am the left brain. "I work really hard until my inevitable death" brain. You've got a job to do, you better do it right and the right way is with the left brain's might.

    mobius: What time is it?
    sam: I dont know, pass me that saxaphone and lets find out
    sam: *BLASTS the saxaphone*
    sam: Its 2 am

    mobius: Is... Is that meant to be on fire?
    sam: No... not really.
    mobius: Are you going to do something about it?
    sam: Hm... nah.

    sam: I only have 6 weeks left to live.
    mobius: Oh my god, really?!
    sam: It's just a guesstimate based on the choices I've made.

    loki: I dont know, they just dont seem interested...
    mobius: Did you try talking to them?
    loki: Try what?


    left to right: Loki, Me/Sam, Amaryllis, and Kade by me!

    Kade! by me.. again

    Amaryllis! also by me.