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hey!! the website is uber under contructions but im trying my hardest LMAO
learning: how to draw on computer lmao
watching: Essex Serpant (oOOOoOO)
reading: demonslayer, lord of the rings, fanfiction
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I am, you guessed it, SKELL3Y!!!!! (he/they) or skelly. ANYWAYZ! and this is my small cave on the internet where.. well, i be silly and cringy!!

why did you make

if im entirely honest- i dunno. it could be that these have always looked really pretty and i was jealous, or i got bored of social media and how.. fake it is. Maybe it was because for a while, ive been wanting to make a blog or online journal. Maybe i just want a place to safely be cringe! Ill never know! But regardless, this page is here. its here, and it is my own safe space. Anyways, that got a little... metaphorical, but i have an about me page id you just wanna get to know me!!

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

what should i know?

firstly, im a BIG weirdo. Cringe, freak, weird, crazy, all of those things i have been called- and im proud of it. I embrace it in a way. I change interests like the hand of a clock changed, but i can tell you, that these interests will be FULL ON. as in, i learn everything about it until i cant know any more. And theyre usually not things that most people get obsessed with, example is teenage mutant ninja turtles (which im still obsessed btw! i love the turtles, im just BUSY man). Lastly.. im incredibly aroace. and anxious. thats probably all LMAO

random fun facts plz?!??!?

im aussie, but i live in the us now lol
i love astronomy!
i genuinely am on no social media
im an artist
suprise i have osdd!
i have been like.. EVERYWHERE..


my jam!! "Tangerine"
rainbow 🌈 green!
unexpected song LOKI?!?!
aromatic // honey
Skelly is the King of the Loki TV Show! I am demonic ★

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7.dec.23 made a resources page! Check out the people who inspired me and some other resources that are AWESOME!

6.dec.23 WOF shrine (in progress) and added a funky little guy to home! hope u like him like i do!

4.dec.23 In the nav tab, scroll down to vote for a shipname! :3

4.dec.23 i have my selfshipping page getting set up!

3.dec.23 i have a guest book!! yippe!!

1.dec.23 shrine page is updated, loki shrine in progress!

1.dec.23 officially apart of the self-insert webring!

30.nov.23 my about me and journal entry pages!

change log (i change things alot LMAO )
6.dec.23 changed up the colors of the first page to match the funky!

4.dec.23 added quiz results to about page

4.dec.23 redid my homepage! wooo!!

1.dec.23 shrine page and loki shrine

30.nov.23 Created an 'about me' and 'journal logs' pages!!

29.nov.23 finished the home page!

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